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Whoa. Short but super intense. Excellent.

Okay, review time:

Part One:

Nice and short, and above all, inpactful. We get this cute little scene of Spike, Gilda and Loki's home life, only to have it shattered before our eyes. Excellent. And an interesting paring, Spike and Gilda, totally didn't see that coming.

Part Two:

Again, nice and short, got to the point. The only qualm is that you might have used the phrase "The Changelings are dying". I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that our Dr. Doom is Shining Armor's and Cadence's kid. If so, then he fell FAR from the tree, that's for sure.

Part Three:

This one is actually my favorite, I've always liked the dynamic of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. You made it work very well with it as a voice in his head. What I would give to see these fully animated as a movie.

Overall, I'd say these are the best of your work so far. I hope to one day see them on FIMFiction, so that other people can bath in your awesome.
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